The author in "window hanging guise" - approaching Minehead whilst attending the WSR 2014 Autumn Gala.


    After 45 years service within various BR train planning units I retired in 2007 and have subsequently penned several articles which have been published in the railway press. Higher management "awarded" me the nickname Mr Mixed Traction because all other diagramming managers at Waterloo (SR/NSE) dealt only with EMU passenger work - my responsibility being all other NON EMU work. Having had two books published - The Great Iron Horse Chase:Europe (2009) and The Great Steam Chase (2013) my third, titled Riding Yorkshire's Final Steam Trains will come out early in 2015.

    Using this site I have placed my entire photographic collection on it - taken over 50 years from 1963, initially steam, and then after 1968 anything loco-operated.Most steam shots are available for purchase on either SouthernImages or Railway Images websites.

    Thanks for looking in.

    Keith (Wild Bill) Widdowson